Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Royals claim Gaby Hernandez

Today the Royals claimed right handed pitcher Gaby Hernandez. The Royals are the fifth organization that has possesses the rights to the pitcher which is a little strange for a twenty three year old that supposedly possesses three above average pitches. Nonetheless I really like this move, because as the old adage goes you can never have too much pitching. The guy has been young for his level at every stop throughout his career.

The Royals made room for Hernandez by placing reliever Henry Barerra on the 60 day DL. After being placed on the 40 man over a year ago to protect him from the Rule V draft, Barerra has been riddled with injuries and the his potential has faded. Nice move by the Royals to grab an arm that not only has potential, but two option years. Hernandez should provide some nice depth in triple A, and maybe with a some time to develop could reach his ceiling as a back of the rotation starter. Even if he doesn't I like the move and I've just been waiting for someone to take Barrera's spot.

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