Monday, March 15, 2010

LAPS Hitters 2010

So many Royals fans and bloggers have been discussing their projections for the 2010 season. I decided that instead of going with my gut I would create a projection system, much like CHONE, ZIPS, Marcel, etc. So these stats aren't necessarily what I think will happen but they are the figures that my projection system spit out. So without any further ado here are your 2010 Kansas City Royals.

* LAPS (LA Projection System) takes into consideration each of the last three seasons stat lines, last years second half line, minor league career numbers, and the three projected 2010 stat lines of Bill James, CHONE, and Marcel. Each of these lines are assigned a weight and then the final line is created.

I have not yet decided if I will do the pitchers, but I would say it is a good possibility. As for the hitters, I think that most of these lines are pretty close to being right. I think in some cases the at bats for certain players will not be as high, for example Mitch Maier and Brian Anderson probably wont combine for over 600 at bats. I think the numbers for Kendall and Guillen are a little high, but I also think that the numbers for Butler and Aviles are probably a little low. Overall I'm pretty happy with the numbers that I came up with though.

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