Saturday, March 13, 2010

March 13 Tidbits

  • In Baseball Prospectus' first postseason odds the Royals were given a 6% chance to win the division. Basically what this system does is it sims out the regular season a thousand times or whatever they do and figures the percentage of times the Royals win the division.
  • Those odds were figured before the Twins learned that Joe Nathan will more than likely miss the entire 2010 season. If this proves to be the case then the entire AL Central rejoices because a division with an already opened door just got the door opened a little bit wider.
  • There is a sentiment around baseball that Farnsworth could be facing a release at the end of Spring Training. However, today he pitched 3 scoreless innings allowing only 1 hit and no walks. He also recorded and 8:1 goundout to flyout ratio. As bad as Farnsworth had been thus far he became the first out of himself, Robinson Tejeda, and Kyle Davies to make a case as the number 5 starter.
  • Speaking of Tejeda last season when he dominated as a starter he pitched exclusively out of the stretch. However, this Spring Tejeda is pitching out of the windup with no one on base. So perhaps that could be the result of his early troubles and I would suggest that while it is unconventional, if Tejeda doesn't find the strike zone out of the windup then the Royals need to have him go back to the stretch only.
  • Ka'aihue has mashed this Spring. Yesterday Ka'aihue homered off former Royal prospect Dan Cortes, but just a few hours before that in a B game Ka'aihue went 3 for 3 with another homer. Also today Ka'aihue went 1 for 1 with a double. I would really like to see Ka'aihue open the season as a DH, platooning with either Josh Fields or Jose Guillen.

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