Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 3: Tidbits

  • According to this site the Royals reportedly have interest in Min-Tzu Chen, a recently pitcher recently converted from outfield. He throws in the low 90s and is very raw. He could command a bonus up to 250K. Even if the Royals don't sign him its nice to see them linked. As some of you know almost a year ago they signed Korean catcher Jin-Ho Shin to what was then a club record bonus of 600K. The Royals efforts in the pacific rim and latin america should be noted and hopefully at some point they begin to pay dividends.

Also my thoughts on the two intrasquad scrimmages thus far (thanks to Robert Ford for the in game Tweets):

  • Ankiel hits two homers. Nice start for Rick, but let's not forget that Surprise has extremely thin air and the dimensions of the park aren't big enough to hold balls that normally would just be fly outs in normal air. Also, Jacobs hit 7 homers in spring training last season.
  • Callaspo has done nothing but hit. Basically this statement sums up his 2009 performance as well. I am all for improving defensively but Getz better be a huge step up to make for the lack of offensive production that I expect from him.
  • Crow looked sharp. According to Robert Ford he was the best looking pitcher on Day 1. I've heard that he is as polished as first year players come, so I wouldn't be surprised to see him on the major league roster by the middle of the season.
  • Bannister rolled. Personally I am a big Bannister fan and I think he is blazing a trail as far as sabermetrically minded baseball players go. Bannister is a big thinker on the mound and is a guy who has admitted to using statistics to target areas of need in his pitching style.
  • Welcome to the show. According to Robert Ford, Danny Duffy jammed Ankiel with a good pitch and Rick still took the ball out of the park. Nonetheless this spring should be a great learning opportunity for the young lefty.

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