Thursday, March 4, 2010

Exhibition Opener Live!

I'm going attempt to live blog here, and keep refreshing this post with my thoughts throughout today's season opening contest with the Texas Rangers. If things become a hassle though, I may abandon my attempt. So let's see how this works and have some fun!

Top 1st: 0-0

  • Kyle Davies is on the mound and things are about to get underway!
  • Julio Borbon to lead off, a .312 hitter for Texas last season. Lines to left with a hit.
  • Michael Young comes to the plate. Strike one. Davies bluffs to first. Ball one. Ball two and Borbon steals second. Chops ball to Butler for an out, Borbon to third with one out.
  • David Murphy comes to the plate with a man on third. Infield deep. Liner to Betancourt for out number 2.
  • Vladimer Guerrero steps in for the Rangers. Ball one. Up and in for ball two. Foul ball 2-1. Strike 2 on the lower inside corner. Ball blocked by Kendall 3-2. Popped up to Getz and inning is over.

Overall it didn't sound like Davies was to sharp there, not a lot of swings for misses and was behind in the count a couple of times. Nice to have a catcher that can block a ball in the dirt.

Bot 1st: 0-0

  • Rich Harden is on the mound for the Rangers and will face Podsednik, Kendall, and Butler in the bottom of the first.
  • Podsednik takes for ball one. Groundball into rightfield for a base hit.
  • Kendall hitting in the second spot. Can't say I like it, but Denny Matthews says he fits the role well given his tendency to hit it to right. Takes ball one. Takes ball two. Ball three, 3-0. Strike on outside corner 3-1. Attempted pickoff, Podsednik back in time. Swing and a miss, but ball hits Podsednik on foot as he steals. Podsednik moves to third. Full count. Check swing roller to short and Kendall is thrown out, but gets an RBI as Podsednik scores.
  • Billy Butler comes to the plate with no one on and one out. Takes strike one. Takes strike two. High for ball, 1-2. Foul ball. Billy strikes swinging at a slider.
  • Rick Ankiel steps in. Ball one. Ankiel blasts one down right field line, but foul. Fooled on offspeed pitch, 1-2. Grounds out to first baseman inning over.

Podsednik does exactly what the Royals signed him to do. Gets on base then makes something happen with his legs. I'm not looking forward to seeing Kendall hitting in the two hole this season.

Top 2nd: 1-0 KC

  • Kinsler up to bat. Ball one. Chopper to Gordon at third, one away.
  • Nelson Cruz up to the plate. Strike one. Ball low and away. Ball low, 2-1. Foul ball, 2-2. Groundball into center base hit.
  • Chris Davis to the plate. Ball one. Davies behind in the count again. Ball two. Ball three. Ball four. Walk, Cruz to second.
  • Jarrod Saltalamachia to the plate. Ball one. Kendall makes way to mound to discuss things. Strike one, 1-1. Ball two. Foul ball, 2-2. Home run.
  • Elvis Andrus up. Ball one.
  • Okay I missed a little bit there, but now Daivd Murphy is coming up after Young knocks in a run. 4-1.

Unfortunately my internet is no longer working properly. Tomorrow I plan to try again, hopefully with more success. My internet basically went out there for half an hour or so, and it's continuing to have issues. So hopefully by tomorrow the connection with be steady and we can do this the whole game. Thanks everybody! I'll put my post game thoughts on here tonight!

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