Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Royal Rewind Wrap Up (10-22-12)

Yesterday as I was flipping through channels and trying to ignore the "must watch" TV of the third and final Presidential Debate, I came across "Royal Rewind" on Fox Sports Midwest.  It had already been going on for a half hour or so, but I caught most of the last half.  Here are some thoughts by a few Royals personnel from the Royal Rewind.  I am only paraphrasing what they said.

Ned Yost
  • Losing Paulino and Duffy hurt the most. Rotation would hinge around those guys and both were doing great at time they got hurt.
Although Felipe Paulino was pitching like an "ace" before he got hurt, Danny Duffy wasn't pitching exceptional.  Obviously, losing those two pitchers hurt the rotation badly, but one could also make an argument that losing Lorenzo Cain and Salvador Perez for the first half of the season was just as devastating. Oh and we were playing Yuniesky Betancourt.
  • Moose has improved, gold glove caliber third baseman. Production was pretty good for first full year in big leagues.
Mike Moustakas has improved, especially on defense.  He led all 3B in UZR in 2012 at 16.8. This mark put him ahead of the likes of David Wright, and Adrian Beltre.  Moose was also 2nd among 3B in the Majors in UZR/150 at 15.2 only behind David Wright at 16.8.  Moose was hot the first half of the season where he slugged .490 and hit 15 long balls.  Post All-Star Break he was awful. He had an OPS of .586 with a putrid 5 homers.  Don't get me wrong, I love Moustakas, and I still think in terms of his first year he had a real solid year overall.  But if the Royals want to compete for division championships Moose (or Hoz) will both have to be All-Star caliber players in my opinion.
  • Hoz really struggled
Boy did he.  Eric Hosmer was incredibly tough to watch most of the year; and not just at the plate.  He was hard to watch on defense as well, thanks to his windmill digging style and the tendency to fling the ball across the field.  Like Moustakas, Hosmer will have to become an All-Star caliber player in order for the Royals to compete year in and year out.
  • Ryan Lefebvre asked Ned something along the lines of it was as simple as starting pitching for the Royals to become a contender.
    • Ned: "It's that simple really" Experience is extremely valuable and core is set on the field (lineup).
    • Bullpen is efficient, need a couple starters and we should be in good shape.
Is it as simple as SP? Well in some ways yes it is.  We desperately need 2 or 3 starters that can pitch somewhat like Jeremy Guthrie did for the Royals, or even Luis Mendoza.  Luke Hochevar should not be in the rotation next year. Period.  I know I'm not the only fan who is saying this, in fact, its most likely a choir of Royals fans saying this.  I still think there is more to the Royals competing, and that is what I said earlier: Moustakas and Hosmer living up to star potential. Or at least one of them.

Steve Physioc
  • Holland was fantastic and has makeup and mentality to be a closer
I agree, he looked great. Love his strikeout ability.
  • Guthrie raised the entire rotation up, Mendoza pitched better (when Guthrie came) and Chen pitched better too.
Guthrie raised the rotation up because he pitched very well, Mendoza was consistently slightly above average and Bruce Chen was terrible for the most part, I don't get the love for Chen.

Rex Hudler
  • Bruce Chen set the tone for rotation
  • Led the entire season
  • "Raise the Roof in 13"
Oh Rex. Chen really led the staff all year with his 5.07 ERA and becoming the human launching pad by giving up 33 dingers on the year. You amaze me Rex.


  1. Good stuff. Thanks for getting this up. I wasn't able to catch the interview. Also, that is a sweet picture. Where did you find that?

  2. I actually took it on Opening Day this year, and doctored it up with some Apps on my Iphone. I have more I will use too. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Mendoza led the staff with a 4.23 ERA! (166 innings qualifies, you idiot!)

    1. You can make a simple point without insulting the other person. Reflects poorly on you.

    2. I'm not really sure what you are trying to say about Mendoza, but I do think you should reread Paden's final statement. He wasn't saying that Chen led the team with a 5.07 ERA. He was sarcastically saying that Chen couldn't have led the staff too much considering his ERA was 5.07.

    3. If you didnt sense the sarcasm in "Chen really led the staff with a 5.07 ERA and becoming the human launching bad by giving up 33 dingers on the year" then that's kind of mind blowing. I was making fun of Rex Hudler.