Sunday, December 9, 2012

Prospect Countdown: #32 Sugar Ray Marimon

32. Sugar Ray Marimon Right Handed Pitcher

Paden Bennett (26):  As the only guy that listed Marimon on their list, I am responsible for him being a part of our prospect countdown.  Let me say this first, Marimon is not an overly exciting pitcher by any means.  His strikeout numbers are low, he doesn't get a ton of ground balls and at 24 years old he isn't extremely young for the level he needs to be pitching at.  He wasn't impressive at NWA last season with a 4.59 era in 12 starts but NWA is a tough place to pitch.  It is a big time hitters park.  I like Marimon because I can possibly see him becoming a 4-5 starter with the upside of a 3.  He just needs to continue to develop his curveball so that it becomes more of an out pitch and limit his walks.

Joe Cox (NR): Another 24 year old right handed pitcher who will likely begin his season in AA, Sugar Ray Marimon needs to improve on a disappointing 2012 debut at that level.  Marimon was a tale of two seasons; he was very successful in 68 innings in high A, and very poor in 66 innings in AA.  Marimon is another case of a player far too old for his level to be considered a true prospect.  The fact that he needs a lot of work to improve at the AA level leaves nothing for me to be particularly excited about.  Even though he started most of last year I see Marimon as more of a reliever whose stuff is simply not good enough to make it to the majors. 

Damion Mandalas (NR):  Marimon has pretty average stuff. He has a fastball that sits 89-93 mph, as well as a curveball and change up with some decent action. He is said to have a good approach on the mound and as a result has outperformed his likely talent level. Marimon's numbers took a big dive upon his promotion to Northwest Arkansas. You can get by in the low levels with mediocre stuff, good pitchability and command, but this isn't the case in the higher levels. Marimon really needs one of his pitches to take another step or else it will be tough for him to scrap out anything in the form of a big league career. 

Dan Ware (NR):  I can think of two "Sugar Ray's" in sports that have had great success: Sugar Ray Leonard and Sugar Ray Robinson.  Both men have enjoyed countless wins and KOs in boxing. Unfortunately, Sugar Ray Marimon hasn't gone down the same 'easy street' as the other two men.  Although his stint with Wilmington wasn't bad at all: 4-2, 2.12 ERA, and holding opposing batters to a .206 average, his assignment with NW Arkansas was no cake walk.  As for his future with the Royals, he's nothing more than a possible bullepn arm.  His command and confidence issues with his pitches are holding him back.  I see this as a make or break year for Marimon to prove himself.

Total Points: 5

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