Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dear Mr. Glass

David Glass,

Here I am, the 13th of Decemeber, and organization has taken a huge transformation.  I'd like to say thank you for finally stepping up as the owner of this historic franchise by  adding a few bucks to the payroll (over $20 million) to finally bring in some pitching depth worth a darn.  Grant it, I was hoping we'd find a better use of $5 million than to give it to a former overall #1 pick who posted a 5.73 ERA last season.  If it's one thing I wanted to see more than to have Myers shaggin' flyballs in RF, which those aspirations have been shattered to pieces, it was for Dayton to rid us the torture of watching Hochevar step on the mound in 2013.  

I will say this, you've backed up your words... so far.  Back in October, you had a chat with the Wonder Dog and Lefebvre about the upcoming off-season.  One of the first things you mentioned was the fact that you were pleased with the work Dayton and his colleagues have done, including the strengthening of our Minor League system.  Oh, you also brought up the fact that you were a little hesitant when it came to making trades.  Welp, we certainly made a trade that shook up the farm, but not for the worse, in my opinion.  We won't discuss the trade.  What's done is done.  Although it hurt a lot of us emotionally, we got pitching, which is what we were craving for.

While I applaud you for funneling some cash into the team, a request has been made: add just a bit more to the payroll.  The past few days have been very crazy to us all.  Considering the historic trade giving up our bread and butter, the 2012 Minor League POTY in Myers, Odorizzi, Leonard, and Montgomery, it's evident that the Kansas City Royals are definitely going for it in 2013.  And this is a good thing!  But, if we were to possibly add just one more pitcher to the mix, perhaps all this hoopla about making the playoffs could actually HAPPEN.  

There's a pitcher out there who won the Cy Young last season.  Maybe you have even heard of him. Well, he's having trouble coming to an agreement on an extension with his current team.  As of recently, they've come out saying he's "becoming too absorbed with his new celebrity."  His name is R.A. Dickey.  He brings passion to the game and donates his time to charitable events whenever possible. I really think Kansas City could fall in love with him. Oh, and did I mention he won the Cy Young last season?

Even if the Mets' organization were to apologize and offer an extension, locking up R.A. isn't going to solve their problems.  When I say problems, I mean problems.  Do I see the Mets letting one of the two fan-favorites go?  Not really.  It would be like a block of C4 waiting to be detonated.  There's always the 'what if.'  Obviously, we can't give them Myers like they wanted a few weeks ago.  Our system is strong enough that we still have quite a few pieces of bait to entice GM Sandy Alderson. If we are going for it, let's really go for it.

Of course, there is another area on the team that we could improve. I know we all love the French man, but if we are going to contend, we've got to do better in right field. I know Dayton talked you into paying him a pretty hefty contract a year or so ago, but if you could just bite the bullet on that one we could really get this team over the hump. Again just an idea for you to consider. 

Once again, I thank you David Glass for your contributions this off-season, for living up to your word, for giving Kansas City and the rest of the Royal Nation a reason to be optimistic.  You have our attention!


Daniel Ware

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