Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Prospect Countdown: #31 Anthony Seratelli

31. Anthony Seratelli Utility Man

Paden Bennett (NR):  I didn't put Seratelli on my list of prospects only because of his age.  I love this kid, and he really had a breakout season last year with 17 homers and an .866 ops.  A gritty player, much like Johnny Giavotella; Seratelli has the mold of a great utility player.  If Giavotella struggles at the beginning of 2013 and Chris Getz is Chris Getz like he usually is and Irving Falu cools down, it could open up an opportunity down the road for Seratelli to get some starts at 2B.  I also would like to see this guy come up to the big leagues and get a shot.

Joe Cox (NR)Anthony Seratelli will be 30 years old on opening day, so he should not be considered a true ‘prospect.’  The career minor leaguer looks like a feel good story and could potentially see a promotion to the majors if some injuries occur and he continues to hit like he did in AAA last year.  Seratelli had an .866 OPS and cracked 17 home runs in 384 at bats last season.  He is certainly not at all in the Royals plans for their playoff push over the next few years, but it would be cool to see Seratelli suit up for the Kansas City Royals for any amount of time next year. 

Damion Mandalas (NR): Anthony Seratelli is exactly the kind of individual an organization looks for to be a part of the organization. He is great in the clubhouse. He is great with the fans. He has a great mentality. He does everything asked of him. Will he make a mark in the Major Leagues, my guess is no. However, as he has progressed up the ladder his performance has increased. Should Seratelli be included in a prospect list? No. Best case scenario is Seratelli finds a bench role on a team that is in need of a utility man. More than likely he'll be a career Minor Leaguer providing an example of what intangibles truly are for developing players. 

Dan Ware (24):  If you've been a Royals fan for as long as my friends and I have been, there's nothing to dislike about Anthony Seratelli.  Besides baseball, he is an avid YouTube video producer and musician.  A true journeyman, Seratelli has definitely played his fair share of Minor League games, starting in the Independent League all the way up to Triple-A Omaha as of last season.

After his first year in Northwest Arkansas, I didn't think a 27 year old hitting just .254 would have a shot at the bigs.  2011 rolls around, numbers are much improved.  2012 arrives and Seratelli has, by far, the best season of his elaborate career.  A switch-hitter, who can play in any position he's needed (For the Naturals, he played everywhere but C, P, and CF).  At this point, he would be a utility man for the Royals, but one thing is for certain: if he ever gets the call to play at The K, he will certainly leave it all on the field.  To me, he's one of the guys that I hope gets a chance to fulfill his dream.

Total Points: 7

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