Saturday, July 2, 2011

Poll Results: Next Royal to be Called Up

Royal Revival recently posed the question "Who will be the next Royal to make their American League debut this season?" Here were our results:

Lorenzo Cain- 47%
Johnny Giavotella- 47%
Mike Montgomery- 4%

David Lough and Clint Robinson didn't receive any votes.


  1. Cain is the real deal. Need to deal Melky so he can play every day in CF.

    There are still questions about Giavotella's glove at 2B. What's that point of bringing him up when Aviles can is more versatile (and probably hit bettter( than Giav. Let Johnny improve his defense, then bring him up to start in KC. Don't want Yost letting this kid waste on the bench so Getz can play.

  2. I am very excited to see Cain play every day in center at the K. Melky is putting together a solid year and under control for next season as well so let's hope that he can net a decent prospect in return.

    I think the people that want Giavotella called up are people that want to see him called up to play everyday. But here lately Getz has really turned it on making a Gio callup much less likely.