Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Betemit Traded to Detroit

Okay so the Royals have gotten the trade season kicked off with a bang when they traded Wilson Betemit to Detroit earlier this afternoon for top prospects Julio Rodriguez and Antonio Cruz. Okay, obviously I'm kidding. But let's look at the numbers for the newest members of the legendary farm system that the Royals have put together.

Julio Rodriguez .283/.325/.354 Rodriguez is a catching prospect that has spent the season as a twenty-one year old in high-A Lakeland. Like Antonio Cruz he was not a member of Detroit's preseason top 30. But I was able to get some information today thanks to What's Right with Nick Wright's guest Kevin Goldstein.

Goldstein called Rodriguez and organizational guy. He has an okay bat, okay glove, but he has good makeup. He said he wouldn't bet a dollar on him reaching the Major League level, but that he would serve a purpose developing Major League pitchers even though he wouldn't develop into a Major Leaguer himself.

Antonio Cruz is a nineteen year old southpaw that has spent the season in Low-A West Michigan. There he has posted a 3.11 era. He has a 6.9 k rate and a 3.3 walk rate. He is said to have a low 90s fastball and has shown flashes of a good curveball.

Goldstein also says that he is absolutely brutal on left handed hitters. He also stated that he is a minor prize in the trade.

According to Sam Mellinger one scout even texted him that the Royals received a surprising haul for Betemit. Truthfully any fan that is frustrated with the deal needs to rethink the subject. If a player can't play everyday for the last place Royals, why would a contender trade valuable prospects for him? The fact that the Royals acquired a guy that could develop into a lefty specialist is at least something.

The haul is extremely unimpressive. But when Moustakas came up and Betemit was sentenced to a bench role playing twice a week, we knew it wouldn't help his trade value.

There will be Royals fans that complain, but the only complaint even reasonable is if you believe it would have been more valuable for Betemit to play sparingly for the rest of the season then for the Royals to acquire an organizational guy and an arm with a bit of potential.

Mike Aviles will take Betemit's spot on the 40 man roster. I still want to see Johnny Giavotella getting everyday time at second, but the team needs a utility man so for now I can put up with the decision.

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