Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Royals Rank 9th in Under 25 Talent

Yesterday, the writers at Baseball Prospectus unveiled their annual under 25 talent rankings. The Royals ranked 8th among all teams and their top ten featured four Major Leaguers and six prospects. Top on the list was first baseman Eric Hosmer.

The Royals were the top ranked team in the American League Central. The Twins followed at 13, then the White Sox at 18, Indians at 25 and Tigers at 27. Overall the Royals continue to boast youthfulness and plenty of high upside talent. According to C.J. Whittmann, eac of the Royals prospects that appear on the list boast 60 grades or higher.

Ranking just behind the Royals at 9th overall was the Tampa Bay Rays. As you would imagine, Wil Myers topped the list. Former Royals farmhand Jake Odorizzi came in at 5th.

I am always interested to see Baseball Prospectus's take on the top under 25 organization rankings. I think it serves as a different perspective than the farm system rankings that we see from Baseball America. However, an age 25 cut off does seem a bit arbitrary. I'd be interested to see talent rankings for players with less than 3 years of service time. I think this would provide an excellent snapshot of how much low cost talent each organization has. Maybe someday, there will be a ranking that looks at young talent in this regard.

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