Saturday, February 4, 2012

Gordon Deadline and Roman Hernandez Jorrin

The arbitration hearing has been set for February 16. In my mind the Royals have until then to work out an extension with Alex Gordon before I begin to get pessimistic about the deal ever getting done.

The Royals also made some news this week by signing 22-year-old Cuban corner outfielder Roman Hernandez Jorrin. Jorrin is said to have good power with an above average arm. The Indians were rumored to be courting Jorrin with a $750K offer, so I'd expect Jorrin's bonus to be somewhere in the $700K to $1 million vicinity.

Jorrin has played against quality competition and I'm always a fan of adding quality depth to the system. Dayton Moore, said that Jorrin should begin his professional career in single A.

EDIT: Looks like the Royals signed Jorrin for $500K. Impressive the Royals were able to undercut the reported $750K that the Indians reportedly offered. This speaks to the Royals strength in the current Latin American market.

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