Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Addition of a Wilcard

"Baseball's playoffs will expand from eight to 10 teams, starting this season, according to major-league sources." -Per Ken Rosenthal. You can read the full article here.  
And with that the Royals chances for making the playoffs from a purely statistical standpoint have increased from  28.6% to 35.7%. This will be the highest percentage of playoff teams ever fielded by a league and with the addition of the Houston Astros to the American League in 2013, it will be the highest percentage for the foreseeable future.

At first I hated the thought that a wildcard team, after winning several games more than another wild card team, could be knocked out in a one game playoff. However, after further thought I have really fallen in love with the idea. Last season we experienced one of the most exhilarating postseasons in Major League Baseball history. Part of the reason for that was game 162.

Now every season the playoffs are going to get started with a bang. Two teams will showdown; ace versus ace. Do or die. All or nothing. If you are a traditionalist you can take comfort in the fact that once again, an emphasis is placed on the division winners. I can't wait for the season to get started and I can't wait until the excitement of October.


  1. Ace vs Ace in a one gamer? Better get ready for some sweet Chen music.... though we'll probably win the division of course.

  2. That's true. I guess if the Royals grabbed the wildcard it would be ace versus one of our bevy of 3 or 4 starters.

  3. I like the idea as well. I can still remember where I was at when Bucky Dent hit the home run for the Red Sox to win that one gamer. That was an exciting game even if you weren't a fan.

  4. If someone was really opposed, they could always just think of the two wildcards as qualifying for a play in game for the right to advance to the true playoffs. Everyone loves a one game tie breaker, I think people will come around to the one game playoff.