Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Tale of Two Butlers

“It was a big adjustment,and it was hard to accept. It was hard to get the right mind-set. But there was (an inability) to just accept things, too. There was a need to accept the type of talent that Eric is, and realize what’s best for the team.” -Billy Butler on his move to being a full time designated hitter. You can read the full article here
The article attributes Butler's second half success to an improved in-game regime. The routine involves the stationery bike, swings in the cages, and imagining defensive positioning among other things. Personally, I was under the impression that Butler's second half power surge was the direct result of #countrybreakfast.

Butler's power also came shortly after a reworked approach (and if I recall some comments by George Brett and Ned Yost). In the first half Butler slugged just .415, but was able to post an astounding K:BB of 49:43. In the second half the slugging percentage jumped to .511, but the K:BB dropped to 17:52. If Butler can combine those two halves, plain and simple we are talking about an MVP candidate.

So what do you think, did the success come as the result of a change in approach? A change in in-game inolvement? Or the rise of #countrybreakfast? 

The other question of course is what kind of Billy Butler will we see in the second half? Will we see a guy that hits like the first half Butler? Something like .294/.390/.415 with 10 home runs and 69 RBI, and 89 walks? Or will it be the second half Billy? Hitting to a tune of .289/.327/.511 with 30 home runs and 131 RBI and just 39 walks?

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