Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Getz Drives the Ball with Authority

"Getz is showing, at least in the early days of camp, an improved ability to drive the ball." -Bob Dutton of the Kansas City Star. You can read the full article here
I wonder if this is Dutton's opinion or the sentiment of the organization. Either way we are about a week into camp. Getz hasn't even taking a Spring Training at bat and is taking his swings in the Arizona air. My guess is that at age 28, Chris Getz hasn't developed a new found gap power stroke.

I continue to believe that while the organization bills Giavotella as the favorite for the starting second base job, the pressure is actually on him to win the position. If both players struggle, Getz opens the season as the second baseman. If Getz does drive some doubles in the Cactus League and hits as well as Giavotella, then Gio will open in Omaha.

Let's just hope that if Getz does knock the ball around a bit this Spring, the Royals don't forget the density of the Arizona air.

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  1. You're on a roll now. I agree and think this is funny. Is Art Howe in the front office somewhere? "If Getz is such a good hitter, how come he can't hit?" Ok, sorry that wasn't him in the movie they were talking about but its the same principle.

  2. Yeah, Chris Getz is a popular player to watch through rose colored glasses.