Thursday, February 6, 2014

Gordon Adjusts Approach for Heart of Order

Yesterday, our friend Jeffrey Flanagan with Fox Sports, brought us this article regarding Alex Gordon's shift in Ned Yost's proposed 2014 batting order. Here's the quote from Gordon regarding the drop in the lineup.

"Every spot is a little different. My approach will be a little different (hitting down in the order). I was always trying to get on base (before), trying to make something happen. I tried to let guys see pitches. Hitting later in the order, I'm still going to try to see pitches, but my job is to drive guys in and maybe hit with more power. I've hit there before and hopefully, I won't forget how."
 For those of us that have watched Gordon the past few years, I don't think we want to see him change  much of his approach just because a shift in his spot in the order. In fact, I think most of us are at least somewhat fearful that such a change in approach will occur and as a result Gordon's production might decline.

I also can't help but remembering some of the blasts that left Gordon's bat over his first two professional seasons. (I'm thinking specifically of the 440 foot home run he blasted off the fountain advertising against the Cardinals. Wow.)

What I'm hoping is that Gordon can take his approach from his days in the leadoff spot and apply that to counts in which he has two strikes. If Gordon can somehow nurture that pull power that he showed off early in his career, while also hit for the average that he showed in 2011 & 2012, he'll be a beast in 2014.

Personally, I think Gordon would be a perfect fit for the two spot. Analytics have taught us that when it comes to lineup construction we've got it all wrong. In the 2nd hitter we should be putting our top hitters, whose primary out outcomes are strikeouts. What better fit would there be than Alex Gordon for the Royals, not to mention that over 81 plate appearances last season the Nebraska product embraced this spot hitting .338/.420/.549. This compares favorably to the leadoff spot (.285/.358/.466) or the fifth spot (.264/.338/.398).

Truly, if the Royals want a run producer in the middle of the order, it should be stressed to Gordon that the team doesn't want him to change his approach. It is the change in approach that has gotten Gordon in trouble in the past. Hopefully, someone will point this out to the Gold Glove left fielder and he can rake in the heart of the order for the 2014 Royals.

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  1. "Gordon, according to skipper Ned Yost, will fall into the fifth spot behind Omar Infante, Eric Hosmer and Billy Butler." Quoted from a recent Fox Sports article. Who will protect Gordon? Moustaksuck? Ugh.