Friday, February 7, 2014

Different Energy

If you haven't read Wednesday's Kansas City Star article in which Pete Grathoff discusses last season with Eric Hosmer, do yourself a favor and click here. Here's the quote from Hosmer that really caught my eye in the article:

"We like playing the Tigers. We really do enjoy playing the Tigers. Every time they come to town or we go there, it's a different energy when we play them, and it has to be. They've won the division the last couple of years. They're the ones we've got to set out to get. I think that's the good thing of having such a young team, everyone is really hungry and they welcome the challenge."
I'm glad to see that the Royals former first round pick knows who the team is gunning for this season. What the team needs to do though is not have let downs against teams that aren't top teams in the league. Here's a breakdown of how the Royals played against teams based on their division finish:

  • vs Division Winners: 19-21, .475 winning percentage
  • vs 2nd Place: 19-16, .543 winning percentage
  • vs 3rd Place: 6-11, .353 winning percentage
  • vs 4th Place: 25-11, .694 winning percentage (15-4 against the Twins)
  • vs 5th Place: 17-17, .500 winning percentage
In 2014, the Royals were merely a .500 team against last place teams. It is great that the team brings an extra level of energy whenever they are playing the top teams in the league, but good teams take care of business all season long. Good teams don't play to their competition, young teams do. It's time for the Royals to transition from being the young team to a good team.

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