Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Prospect Countdown: #41 Jin-Ho Shin

41. Jin-Ho Shin Catcher

Paden Bennett (NR): Not much to say here, I'm not really a fan of this kid at all.  When we signed him, I had heard of his advanced approach at the plate and I love to hear that at any position.  Still only 21 years old, he could progress.  However, I just don't see it happening.

Joe Cox (30): It is a stretch to include a player like Shin on this list, and it is probably fitting that he is last on the rankings.  It is also my fault that he made this list of prospects.  Shin is a 6-2 200 pound catcher that seems to have some raw power but did just turn 21 and has struggled to produce outside of rookie ball.  I watched him play live in the pioneer league and he did at times pass the eye ball test due to his stature and a couple good games, but he clearly does not have enough power and does not make enough contact to have many expectations.  But depth at catcher is valuable and he could be viable minor league depth at the catcher position for the Royals system. 

Damion Mandalas (NR): Shin was one of the first high profile international signings of the Dayton Moore era. Unfortunately, he has yet to live up to the bill. However, for the first time in his career he produced some quality results at the plate, thanks to a sixty game stint in Idaho Falls.

I had the privilege of watching Shin and a few other prospects on this list for a few games this summer. I liked what I saw from Shin's offensive game enough to not write him off as a prospect. Throughout the series he showed good patience and good power, hitting a bomb to left and a line drive home run to center. However, I wasn't as inspired by what I saw from his glove work, which riddled the series with passed balls and poor decisions to throw behind runners. He should get his second start in Low-A to open 2013.

Dan Ware (NR):  So far in 3 seasons, Shin has compiled a career line .220/.296/.334..nothing to go crazy over.  Here's the bright side: Shin has been praised tremendously for his defensive presence as a catcher.  On the down side: I looked at his career numbers while crouching behind the plate.  I wouldn't say allowing 195 SB in just 159 career games and only throwing out 19% of them is all that impressive, but hey, he just turned 21 less than a month ago.  The time is running out, and quickly, for Shin to make a name for himself.  C'mon Shin!

Total Points: 1

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