Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Prospect Countdown: #40 Alfredo Escalera-Maldonado

40. Alfredo Escalera-Maldonado Outfield

Paden Bennett (NR): I liked the gamble of taking this youngster in the draft in 2012.  Escalera-Maldonado had a solid season in rookie ball, look for this guy to progress fairly quickly.

Joe Cox (NR): Alfredo Escalera-Maldonado: Alfedo Escalera-Maldonado was the 8th round pick of the 2012 amateur draft for the Royals.  The seventeen year old Escalera-Maldonado was announced as a center fielder during the draft and is obviously very raw.  In his first 128 professional plate appearances Maldonado managed to hit over .300 but showed no power or plate discipline.  He is a wait and see prospect that will require a long wait before the Royals know if he will ever be a part of their future. 

Damion Mandalas (NR): Escalera-Maldonado was one of the very youngest players selected in the 2012 draft. For me he is worth mentioning because of his age and strong showing in the Arizona League. Yes, his numbers were inflated by a .396 BABIP, but part of the reason for this was his LD% of 15.3, which came in just above the league average mark of 14.3%. The Royals can afford to take it slow with Escalera-Maldonado, so I expect him to spend another season in rookie league before breaking into full season ball in 2014. 

Dan Ware (30):  17 years old.  First professional baseball season.  .303 with a few RBI.  You never know.. The boy has some promise if he keeps workin' hard.  Verbal commitment to Florida State, a smart young man who has great bat speed, potential for power growth, quick on his feet, sky is the limit for Alfredo.  From a scouting report I've read, he tends to chase balls out of the zone, so he's looking to swing and make contact every AB.  No reason to not like the kid.  Not even old enough to buy a pack of smokes yet.

Total Points: 1

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