Thursday, May 10, 2012

Royals Call up Giavotella, Why?

So Giavotella is back in Kansas City. At first, I was thrilled to hear the news, but then on second thought it didn't make sense. Yes, Giavotella was killing it in Omaha. Yes, Giavotella should have been the starter at second from day 1. But with Getz performing why make the move now?

It just doesn't make sense. Are the Royals going to platoon Giavotella and Getz? If so, I'm not a fan. I don't think that is the ideal way to break a guy like Giavotella into the Majors. Don't get me wrong I don't believe in any way I am more knowledgeable at player development than the Royals front office. But I am left wondering what the benefit is for bringing Giavotella up right now. The timing is strange.

There's no way Giavotella is all of the sudden going to start over Chris Getz and at the moment I don't believe he should. At the risk of ostracizing myself from the Royals blogosphere, I think that Chris Getz deserves to hang on to the starting job at least a little longer. His strong start is very likely a small sample size error. However, he clearly did adjust his stance at the plate and in 2012 has posted a LD% of 33.9. Now I don't expect Getz to continue at that pace but if he can even come close to that his numbers are sustainable.

I'm a huge Johnny Giavotella fan, but if you were told the over/under for his 2012 OPS was .805, I think most of us would have taken the under. Well right now that's the OPS Chris Getz has posted. While I think Chris Getz's defense is a bit overrated it is pretty clear that he has superior range to Giavotella and that it is at least average. So if Getz can continue to hit as he has, and play the defense he has proven to be capable of, how good would Giavotella have to be to be more valuable? Is it realistic for Giavotella to hit that well?

I'm not suggesting that Getz has now found a power stroke and it is here to stay, but I'm merely saying at the moment it is clear the Royals won't be handing Giavotella the starting gig (as they shouldn't). So if the Royals aren't bringing Giavotella up to start, why is he in Kansas City?


  1. I think Royals brought him up so he could be a RH bat. Strange for a guy who needs to be developed. He will go back down as soon as Royals start seeing more RH starters. Remember, Moore will blast a hole in the roster for Yuni soon. Falu is true utility guy that should stay on KC roster. He cannot benefit from more time in minors.

  2. I think "developing" at Omaha for Gio is overrated. He has proven he can hit there and good teams have options on the bench. His development is coming from the hours spent practicing before games under the eyes of major league coaches. They get to see his progress daily.

  3. I agree with the first commentor. Falu has already reached his ceiling and there is no harm in him playing occasionally from a developmental standpoint. I understand the reason for Giavotella to be on the roster (a lot of lefties in the near future), but I don't see it as a good thing that he is playing occasionally.