Sunday, May 13, 2012

Myers Makes Start at Third

Interesting note today in Northwest Arkansas, where Wil Myers will make his first professional start at third base. Of late Myers had been playing center field and it seemed as though reviews were positive. Last season Myers was criticized for not taking to the switch from catcher to right field with the enthusiasm that one would have liked to see.

A couple of weeks ago I was actually told that the Royals front office had discussed moving Myers to third base for the 2012. season. It seemed strange to me and my best rationalization was that Myers' personality didn't fit in the outfield. I assumed the Royals were trying to find a position that could keep him more mentally involved in the game. 

The problem is that the Royals already have Mike Moustakas at third. It doesn't make much sense to move Myers to the position when as an outfielder the opportunity would be greater for him to reach the Major League level. Perhaps, the Royals are just trying to improve Myers versatility, something I can't fault. However, if he already is learning a new skill in the outfield why put something else on to his plate? 

It is strange that the Royals have a kid that is often praised for his athleticism. It is often assumed he will make a smooth transition to the outfield as a result. But here we are trying to find a position for the guy. I'm not going to get worked up over Wil Myers making a start at third base. I'm interested to see how the situation plays out, and I'm intrigued to see the Royals rationale behind it. 

One more thing I'll note, just because the thought crossed my mind. Third base is theoretically a more difficult position to play than right. The Royals should eventually be able to transition him back to the outfield at some point with ease. Maybe they feel as though Myers can handle third and are giving him the opportunity to prove it in a way to boost his value by adding versatility. Just a thought.

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