Monday, January 2, 2012

Prospect Countdown: #31 Terrance Gore

#31 Terrance Gore

Age: 20
Position: OF
Height: 5-7
Weight: 165
B/T: R/R
Acquired: Drafted in the 20th Round of 2011 Amateur Draft
From: Macon, GA

Terrance Gore is just the latest in a long line of speedy outfielders that the Royals have selected in the amateur draft. When Dayton Moore took the helm he promised an emphasis on speed and defense. Since his hiring a Royals prospect has seemingly been a part of the draft's fastest player discussion on an annual basis. This year Gore laid claim to the top spot on the draft's burner list, when he posted times of 3.7 seconds from home to first. (Just for some perspective scouts consider a 3.9 time to be an 80 on the scouting scale.)

Gore's blazing speed isn't the only reason to be excited about him as a prospect, as Gore also posted one of the top pro debuts for any of the Royals' 2011 draftees. Gore posted an .852 OPS in 115 Arizona League plate appearances. Gore also managed to swipe each of the seventeen bags that he attempted to steal.

Granted hitting 66.7% of your batted balls on the ground isn't a great recipe to success. But I like how Gore plays to his strengths. When you are as fast as Terrence Gore, you can build a quality game around your speed. Gore has a long way to go before he can be considered a major piece for the Kansas City Royals. But in 2011, Gore did everything in his power to take a step down that path.

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  1. Objects in view are NOT larger than they appear. That stadium is actually a scale model.

    Impressive hitting line from the little guy. If he can field, I'd like to see him in Kane County. Royals should be more aggressive with super-fast players at low levels. Their speed exaggerates their true hitting ability against weaker competition (poor defense).

  2. I can see what you are saying. I will add that while the dimensions of the Royals park in Arizona are the same as the dimensions at Kauffman, the air is much thinner and the ball flies off the bat.