Saturday, December 31, 2011

Poll Results: Which type of starter will the Royals acquire?

In the last Royal Revival poll, I asked what type of starter do you think the Royals acquire? Here are the results after 65 votes:

  • An ace: 3 votes, 4%
  • A front end, 1 or 2 type: 15 votes, 23%
  • Mid rotation: 10 votes, 15%
  • Cheap, but reliable back end guy: 5 votes, 7%
  • A flyer on a high risk, high reward guy: 10 votes, 15%
  • There won't be another starter acquired: 22 votes, 33%
When I posted this poll, I was of the belief that the Royals weren't done working on the rotation. A couple of weeks later I'm not so sure. If I had to place a bet, I'd have to side with the 22 voters that don't see another rotation addition coming. 

I also hope that the 78% of voters that don't envision the Royals acquiring a mid rotation or innings eater are correct in their assumptions. Bringing in another pitcher of this quality would be redundant considering the current collection of pitchers on the roster and the only purpose served would be purely for depth. Although, if you can get anyone with back end experience on minor league deals you do it. Think Jeff Suppan.

Really the only Ace that one could even imagine being on the market, would be Felix Hernandez, since the Mariners aren't willing to move him I would side with the 96% of voters that don't believe the Royals will bring in an Ace. But hey, I love your optimism.

Personally, I voted that the Royals would acquire a front end type of guy. At this point options to fill this spot would be Roy Oswalt, Javier Vazquez, or whatever Rays starter winds up getting trading. Quite frankly you could make the argument that none of the aforementioned pitchers really even qualify as a true #1 or #2 anymore. 

Be sure to vote on the newest Royal Revival poll regarding when/if Alex Gordon's extension will come. Keep in mind that Billy Butler's extension was signed on January 22, 2011.

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