Sunday, December 11, 2011

Poll Results: What is your top offseason priority?

In the latest Royal Revival poll I asked you, what is your top remaining priority for the Royals offseason. Here were the results, after 118 votes were cast:

* Extend Alex Gordon: 47 votes (39%). Extending Alex seems to be on the agenda or this offseason. Both parties have been clear that they would like an extension to get done, and Bob Dutton predicts a 4 year, $30 million deal to be signed in mid-January. Let's see if we can get a team option tacked on to.

* Trade Joakim Soria: 17 votes (14%). The acquistion of Jonathan Broxton gave this idea some legs, but since we haven't heard much. Personally, I'd love to package him to Tampa Bay, Los Angeles, Boston, or Cincinnati for a starter if it meant we could hang on to Myers.

* Improve Bench: 3 votes (2%). Improving of the team bench is probably the most likely activity we will see from the Royals from this point forward. It's pretty clear that Dayton Moore is going to grab a veteran infielder at some point.

* Bullpen: 2 votes (1%). Surprisingly the only move that will greatly affect the Major League roster since this poll was opened was the acquisition of Jonathan Broxton.

* Acquire another starter: 49 votes (41%). Not a shock that readers are still wishing for another starter. I still believe that Dayton Moore isn't done, but whether or not the future addition is a front end guy or not hinges on if the Royals can acquire one without the cost of Wil Myers.

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