Sunday, April 15, 2012

Not #OurTime but #TribeTime

Well Chris Perez just went there and I have to admit, I'm glad he did.

For the second consecutive game the Royals starting pitching didn't give the team much of a chance. But for the second consecutive game the Royals continued to battle until the final out. Both games, I've been happy with the Royals fight.

Even in after an incredibly heart breaking game like tonight, I can't help but love this team. Images of Moustakas staring down Gomez, and Hosmer clapping his hands at second won't leave my head. I sit here writing this post and I can't wait for tomorrow.

Obviously, we didn't want to see the Royals get off to a 3-5 start. Four of the last five games have been frustrating in four different ways, the Royals have lost two in extras, one by a run to Oakland, and the home opener. However, we cannot forget that the season is only 5% over.

Call me crazy, but I have a hard time envisioning this team sinking into a losing record this fast. Do you think this team will never be at .500 after April 9? I have to believe this team will make a push, and as for Chris Perez's comments? Well, hopefully that will be the fuel to start the fire.


  1. I like the fight in them too. The only thing that makes me worry about it, is that the two guys that stepped up are two guys we may not be able to sign (Hosmer and Moustakas)Gordon seemed to just fade off into a further slump. The starting pitching is what it is. The bigger disappointment is last week when we had a chance to beat Oakland with 2 runs and Yost trots out a horrible lineup. You have to take advantage when you have opportunities to win we don't have enough room for error to just blow off games.

  2. Yeah, the lineup has a couple of pretty big holes right now. There is a gaping hole in the bottom third of the order and even worse, there's a hole in the two spot that the Royals just can't seem to find a plug for.