Thursday, October 20, 2011

Front Office Leak? Royals Interested in Fielder

About 4 hours ago Royals Review's Jack Marsh published this little bit of whatever you want to call it:

"My friend, whose father may or may not be in the Royals FO (He has oddly hinted at it before), suggested to me a very strange idea for the Royals off-season. He suggested that the Royals may end up targeting Prince Fielder and trading Billy Butler and Chris Getz for a second baseman, as well as addressing their pitching needs this off-season. I thought he was messing with me at first, but he seemed to act like this was some sort of official info from the Royals FO. When I told him that the Royals must really expect to contend in 2012 if this is the case, and that I wasn't surprised that the FO didn't let this bit of info out, he says: "Why would the Royals FO leak this? That would be a terrible publicity issue." I then asked him if he or if any of his friends or family members was connected to the FO, he said: "Possibly". So, Prince Fielder. If this is actually happening, then, whoa. "

I'm sure that a certain group of Royals fans will take this bit of information and run with it, but there are definitely a few holes in this story.

Primarily though if the Royals needed a second baseman why would they trade Billy Butler and Chris Getz for him? If you were going to acquire a second baseman for these guys they better be ELITE. Let me rephrase that if you were going to trade Butler for a second baseman he better be elite.

Chris Getz presence in this quotation only hurts the validity of the entire thing. This reminds me so much of classic message board material, if we trade the scrap with player x, we can get player y because we have to fill this position! Just stop.

If I squint I could see a scenario where the Royals use Butler as trade bait and then make a move for a new designated hitter. But if that was the case Butler would have to be moved for starting pitching. If he was moved for something else and Fielder was signed to DH, how would the Royals fill their biggest offseason need? There wouldn't be any much money left for free agents, and you will have already traded the most logical commodity.

I'm not saying that a series of moves like this is impossible. I'd also hope that the Royals are discussing scenarios such as this considering their cash position. However, this looks to much like someone fabricating a story, pretending to know someone to give it validity just to drum up some excitement.

In my next post I plan on talking about how my uncle, who may or may not be named Dayton Moore, mentioned to me that the Royals were toying with the idea of luring George Brett from retirement.


  1. This is so much crap. Butler has a chance to outperform Fielder over the next 5 years. Fielder will cost 100M over the next x years. If the Royals were to spend 100M, one would hope it would be on Darvish.

  2. That makes sense, we need pitching so I trade for a second baseman.

  3. Clearly, you have been badly duped into publishing a ridiculous prank (halloween?). I wont agree with the laughably dense statement by anonymous that Butler has a chance to out perform Fielder in the next 5 years (...cant...stop..giggling),-that is so preposterous a statement it isnt worth commenting on- but he is right about your claim being total crap. I never come to this site, but I saw a link thru RR. Is this "tabloid headline" just a desperate attempt to attract readers?...Your like the child who picks his nose to get attention. Pathetic.

  4. Actually, that quote at the top of the article came from RR. It isn't my claim. I came across this and found it ridiculous.

    I took the time to poke fun at the guy who did find this quote to be worth publishing.

    If the title was so preposterous why even take the time to read it? I didn't mean to mislead you, I should have obviously more clearly spelled out what the post was about.

  5. @McGoldenCrown did you even read the post here? Or did you get confused and think that this post was also serious when they suggest Dayton Moore was luring Brett out of retirement.

  6. Nice work, McGoldenCrown. Did you read the first line after the quote? I believe RR actually provided the link here. "Pathetic" certainly was the right word but I think the gun may be turned around. Off to Occupy Wall Street tomorrow?