Monday, May 30, 2011

Poll Results on Standing Prediction

Finally I am going to post the results for our latest poll which asked "In what place do you think the Royals will finish in the AL Central this season?" Here were the results:

  1. 6 votes (17 %)

  2. 5 votes (14%)

  3. 19 votes (54%)

  4. 4 votes (11%)

  5. 1 vote (2%)

The Royals haven't finished in the top three since 2003, when they posted an 83-79 record. At this point they are 0.5 games ahead of the White Sox for third, and 3 games behind Detroit for second. The fact that just 1 person believe the Royals would finish last, tells me that people have really lost faith in the Minnesota Twins, a team that was predicted by many to win the AL Central in 2011.

Be sure to cast your vote in the latest poll regarding who you believe the Royals will select in the upcoming Rule IV draft.

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