Friday, February 18, 2011

Whispers From Surprise 2/18/11

In an interview with Bob Fescoe, Ned Yost gave us the following thoughts:

  • Yost mentioned Mitch Maier, David Lough, and Jarrod Dyson as battling for reserve outfield spots. Then mentioned the obvious guys who are locked into the roster: Cabrerra, Francouer, and Gordon.
  • The only positions currently locked in are first, designated hitter, and shortstop.

  • The catcher position will be a battle until Kendall returns. The assumption here is that Kendall has the spot as soon as he is healthy.

  • Yost lists 10 guys competing for the rotation. He states that Hochevar, Davies, Chen and Francis are a step ahead, with Teaford, Duffy, Crow, O'Sullivan and Mazzaro looking in.

  • Five bullpen spots are up in the air. Power arms Jeffress, Keating, Collins and Coleman have looked sharp so far.

  • Duffy will get a real good luck and with injuries and/or inconsistency from guys ahead of him could sneak in.

  • Moustakas and Hosmer will get good looks in Spring but shouldn't be in Kansas City until the middle of the summer.
  • Pitcher and catcher are the spots that could most likely go to prospects.

And some other notes from the day's news.

  • Dayton Moore wants the pitchers to log about 400 minor league innings before reaching the majors. He says right now most are around 250.
  • Lucas May is back from his one day fever.
  • Kendall is now throwing at 65 feet and his began to hit off the tee.
  • Bianchi expects to be back in plenty of time to take part in the Cactus League games.
  • Manager Ned Yost plans to throw minor league free agent into the mix at thirdbase as well as outfield.

Thanks to Bob Fescoe and left of the foul pole. Also thanks to the Kansas City Star. I'm just doing my part to relay the message. The first intrasquad game is tomorrow and games against other teams are just around the corner. I can't wait.


  1. Sounds like Hosmer may not be far behind Moose, if at all.

  2. Yeah, personally if I had to bet on which player is more major league ready and more likely to be successful. I feel like I'd have to go with Hosmer.

  3. I don't think you are alone in that sentiment Dan.