Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Whispers from Spring Training

  • In Moustakas's first two BP sessions he homered to right field.
  • David Glass said that the Royals will never commit 300 million dollars to one player.
  • In one BP session Salvador Perez homered 4 out of the 8 pitches.
  • Yost believes that Perez could be in the majors in two seasons.
  • Some believe that within a year Perez will be a top 5 prospect in the organization. That says alot considered the strength of the system.
  • Royals scout Art Stewart said this is the best collection of arms he has seen in a Royals camp in 42 years.
  • Art Stewart also said that this is the best young talent the Royals have ever had including the George Brett era.
  • In a single batting practice session today Eric Hosmer homered to left, center, and then right field.
  • Lucas May left camp today due to a 100 degree temperature.
  • Jason Kendall is way ahead of schedule and his goal is to be ready for opening day. He is throwing at about 35-40 feet now.
  • Clint Robinson hit a 450 homer today that was only knocked out of orbit when it collied with a scoreboard for a neighboring field.
  • Ben Nicholson-Smith of mlbtraderumors said that the Royals and Yu Darvish seem like a fit. I agree. Darvish will cost a lot of money but a lot of the will be in the posting fee. Basically this could be viewed as a major signing bonus enabling the Royals to front load their investment. Something they couldn't do if they invest a similar amount of money in the free agent market.
  • Oh and according to Bob Fescoe top Royals officials do believe the team would be in on the Pujols bidding in some capacity. In my opinion the Royals could be a serious player if they were offered a hometown discount. If they have to put the most money on the table I cannot see it happening.

That's all I've got for now, special thanks to Bob Fescoe who is doing an incredible job tweeting from Arizona. Jump on the bandwagon now, while it is still cool.

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