Saturday, November 13, 2010

Prospect Stock Watch: Outfield

The following is a review of the Royals outfielders that intrigue me enough to make a post about. I'm going to offer whether or not the player performed as well, better, or worse than what I personally expected. I'll also give a brief explanation on my thoughts.

David Lough (Steady): Lough is a personal favorite of mine and he displays a great blend of tools and athleticism. The organization also appears to be a fan of Lough after the way he was touted during Spring Training. Lough struggled out of the gate, but put together a strong second half and finished with a line that should earn him a legitimate look in Spring Training. In a system lacking outfield prospects Lough could be an average solution in left.

Jarrod Dyson (Gain): Talk about a guy that has came along way since he was drafted as a 50th round selection. Dyson's stock improved after displaying gold glove caliber defense during a September call-up and he could very well surprise me, but I can't imagine him ever hitting enough to be a starting centerfielder in the Major Leagues.

Jordan Parraz (Loss): After a decent first half Parraz's second half was a disaster and I wouldn't be shocked if he was removed from the 40 man this winter.

Tim Smith (Steady): Smith very quietly had a very strong season for the Naturals this year, but the fact that he split time and never got an opportunity in Omaha tells me he is a second tier guy in the Royals' eyes.

Paulo Orlando (Gain): After an awesome season this year for the Naturals Paulo sets his sights on becoming the first Brazilian to make the Major Leagues.

Derrick Robinson (Gain): For whatever reason people seem to be disappointed with Robinson's year even though he posted the best line of his career. It also seems as though most people now view Dyson as the superior prospect, but I strongly disagree. Robinson is several years younger and has actually shown the ability to hit at the upper levels.

Nick Van Stratten (Steady): Has an awesome arm and decent on base ability, but he's an organization guy.

Adrian Ortiz (Gain): Ortiz needs to improve on his plate discipline, but I'm impressed that he was able to his .289 in his first full season in Wilmington.

Nicholas Francis (Gain): In Mike Moustakas's first season at Frawley Stadium he hit 16 home runs in 129 games. This year Francis hit 16 in 84 games.

Carlo Testa (Gain): He's old for his level but unlike the vast majority of the Bees roster he was able to hit in 2010.

Whit Merrifield (Steady): Didn't do anything to impress in his first minor league stint, but the losing atmosphere in Burlington this year was called contagious by more than one person. Even if his ceiling is that of a Willie Bloomquist that is enought to make Merrifield a prospect.

Hilton Richardson (Loss): Richardson has the body and the tools of a top prospect, and after an inflated BABIP helped him hit .313 in Idaho Falls in 2009, many expected this to be the year Richardson would breakout. Instead he posted a line of .204/.272/.316.

Julio Aparicio (Loss): Aparicio is only twenty years old, but he really hasn't done anything with the bat thus far in his professional career.

Luis Del Rosario (Loss): See above comment.

Lane Adams (Gain): I was torn here, because there were quite a few people that thought Adams would break out to an extent this season. I think he posted decent numbers in the hitter friendly Pioneer League and that was a big step forward from his 2009 season.

Geulin Beltre (Loss): High profile Latin American signing for the Royals in 2007, still fails to display any of his potential in live action.

Alex Llanos (Loss): Like nearly all of the guys at the bottom of this list, at somepoint he needs to actually show something in real games.

Darian Sandford (Gain): Supposedly was the fastest player available in the 2010 draft. He put some of that speed on display in the Arizona League swiping 30 bases in 38 games while hitting .279 with a .364 on base percentage.

Jorge Bonifacio (Gain): Managed to get at bats in the United States as a seventeen year old after posting a slash of .335/.429/.476 in the Dominican Summer League. I'm intrigued.


  1. besides having a great season in NWA, Paulo has the best walk up song: Stereo Love by Edward Maya!