Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Detail on DeJesus Trade

"I don't think any particular reason other than opportunities presented themselves when they did," A's GM Billy Beane said. "It wasn't by design or anything like that. DeJesus was somebody we inquired on back in August when he was hurt and we didn't control the pace of that negotiation, because they didn't move him until they were ready to move him."

So you are telling me that the A's were not one of the bidders while DeJesus was healthy? Haven't the Royals been defended by many who said that they had been shopping DeJesus for awhile and probably knew what offers were on the table? Didn't Dayton Moore say that the deal they pulled the trigger on was by far the best on the table?

Okay one question at a time. First if Beane is telling the truth that means he became interested in DeJesus only when he became a less coveted item after his injury. Meaning that Beane wasn't interested in the bidding while DeJesus was healthy and one of the top trade chips at the deadline. Maybe this is an unfair conclusion (I doubt it based on how the A's operate.), but it seems as though there is no way the A's offer post DeJesus injury could stack up with any offers pre injury.

Second question. Let's reevaluate the defense that has been given to Dayton Moore for the early trade. How about instead of saying he was aware of all potential offers for DeJesus and knew the market value. Let's be a bit more specific and say he knew the value of DeJesus pre and post injury (probably different values) and say that he choose to go ahead and take the post injury value knowing it was probably significantly lower than the pre injury value.

Once again this very well may have been the best deal possible for DeJesus at the time being. But knowing how late the A's joined in the bidding and knowing that they did so only after the perceived value of DeJesus shrank, it is probably a fair conclusion that the Royals did get the best deal for DeJesus at this point in time. But what if they would have waited until DeJesus rebuilt some of his value in 2011? What if they Royals would have waited for a team to get desperate after losing out on the Werth or Crawford sweepstakes? Would this still have been the best offer?


  1. Big shock Dayton Moron makes another dumb trade.

  2. I don't think the A's were as interested last summer because they weren't a playoff team.

    An article by Joel Sherman today says the Royals had a deal in place with the Rays when DJ got hurt.

  3. As I alluded to in my original post regarding the trade, there was rumored to be a deal in place in which the Royals would have received Jake McGee

  4. Guess what, his value IS lower now and there is no guarantee whatsoever it will ever be what it was in the middle of a career-year. DDJ is not part of the long-term picture and DM took guaranteed return over potential. We gain 5 years of a cheap player that is at worst a replacement level, back of the rotation starter and lose ONE YEAR of a good-but-not-great outfielder that would've cost $6m. This changes nothing.