Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanks to Fellow Royals Fans

On Monday Royal Revival celebrated its one year anniversary. Over the course of the last year I have published 116 blog posts and received over 11,000 page views. There are also 12 people that haven't been afraid to declare themselves followers and many more who I believe to be following in the shadows. I have also been linked up on and in my opinion the more prestigous I was the first online source to write about the Royals third big time free agent signing and Keith Law thought enough of this to use me as a source for his own piece on the same subject.

But on this Thanksgiving weekend I am reminded that without all of the loyal Royals fans out there none of this would be possible. I am merely one of those great fans. I am thankful to be a part of one of the truly great fanbases in professional sports. There aren't many fanbases that have had to endure what the Royals' fanbase has and for this I am thankful. Sure it hasn't been easy but we must all remember that when the Royals do play in meaningful September games, when they do return to the playoffs, and when they do handout World Series it will only be all the sweeter.

I am thankful for everyone who takes time out of thier day to read what I have to say and I am thankful for all the other unsung Royals bloggers that take their time to give me something to read everyday. I am thankful for the Royals and their farm system. A system that all Royals fans should be thankful for, and all non Royals fans should envy. Because one day the Royals won't just be thankful for a bunch of kid prospects, but instead thankful for the wins and joy that these kids will have brought to Kansas City.

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