Monday, August 1, 2011

Royals Sign Cam Gallagher

Finally the Cameron Gallagher signing has been approved by the Commissioner's office. Early reports indicated that Gallagher and the Royals had come to terms on a bonus of roughly $600K which is just $37K over the slot of $563K.

However, as many speculated the bonus actually was much larger. This was speculated because had the bonus only been $37K over slot it wouldn't make sense why the Commissioner's office was putting off approval of the deal. Of course this begs the question why should the Commissioner's office ever put off deals considering Latin American players are signing for outrageous amounts of money without being forced to wait to get their careers started. But I digress...

Anyway, the right handed hitting Pennsylvania catcher is now the highest drafted Royal to be signed thus far. He is the 26th to sign, and hopefully several more will follow suit. Rumor is that all of the top 5 have signed except for Bubba Starling, but that none of the deals have been approved yet due to the bonus amounts.

Gallagher has been described as a good catch and throw guy. What intrigues me is that early reports were that his glove would be what would carry him, however we have also heard that his bat could be his true calling card as he projects to be average in the hit department with above average power.

With the trade deadline past, the next deadline looming is the draft pick signing date. Hopefully deals already completed will be announced and hopefully Bubba will put his name on the dotted line. My guess is a bonus of $8.7 million. But I'm no expert.

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