Saturday, February 27, 2010

Feb. 27 Tidbits

  • Let's start by giving a special thanks to Wally Fish of Kings of Kauffman. He runs a great blog over there and I strongly recommend it to fellow Royals fans.

  • There will be a home run contest tomorrow between a handful of Royals and Rangers players. The only player that I know of competing will be Mike Moustakas, who according to Robert Ford took several Phillip Humber pitches out of the park today.

  • The following bullets are points of Dayton Moore's interview with Robert Ford today that I found interesting.

  • When talking about trading Teahen, Dayton Moore didn't even mention Josh Fields. I'm probably reading to much into this, but I think it is probably further proof that Fields was a throw-in, in the deal and Royals fans shouldn't be too concerned about where he fits into the line up. I wouldn't be too terribly surprised if the Royals attempted to pass him through waivers to get him to Omaha to start the season.

  • On the Getz topic, it was interesting to learn that two years ago the Royals attempted to acquire Chris Getz. I hypothesize that after failing to do so the Royals decided instead to trade Billy Buckner to Arizona for Alberto Callaspo. So not only is Callaspo the backup going into Spring this season, but he was also the backup plan for when the Royals failed to acquire Getz in the first place.

  • Regarding Royals catching, Dayton Moore revealed that the Royals were basically going to sign either Ivan Rodriguez or Jason Kendall, depending on which accepted their offer first. He also talked about Rod Barajas being a target, probably because he did very well in Dayton Moore's favorite sabermetric categories last season: RBI. In all seriousness thank goodness Barajas wanted more than the Royals were willing to offer, because that dude stinks.

  • Recently I stated that Jose Guillen could very well begin the season on the DL. But today Dayton Moore stated that Guilen is ten pounds lighter than he was a year ago at this time and that his bat speed is back to where it was in his prime. As much flak as send Jose Guillen's way I can't deny that if he performed at the level he used to be accustomed to he would be an enormous asset to our weak lineup. Maybe he really is healthy and can perform well in his contract year. I'm going to guess though, that this is just another example of Spring Training Speak.

  • Dayton Moore also stated that the organization would not put any limitations on Aaron Crow's development in 2010 and that he would more than likely begin the season in Springdale.


  1. How do you know that the Royals were trying to acquire Getz a couple of years ago?

  2. That information came from Dayton Moore in an interview with Robert Ford that can be heard on