Saturday, February 27, 2010

Feb 26: Tidbits

  • The KCstar provided an update on Mike Aviles yesterday, and it sounds like he is progressing nicely. However, Hillman doesn't want to put a timetable on his progress because he doesn't want to "retard" his development. This must be Hillman's new favorite word, because listening to the audio clips provided on he must have used it five times at least. As for Aviles it sounds like Mid-May is the most likely return time for him. Hopefully he can go to Omaha in April in mash and force Betancourt out of a job.

  • Use this link here to see the latest Baseball Prospectus standing projection: I'm not sure that I buy that the Twins will only win 81 games, but wow is this division open for the taking or what?

  • I am not a Jarrod Washburn fan, however I do have a feeling that there is a possibility the Royals will sign him to a deal in the next week or so given their lack of a lefty in the starting rotation. While signing Washburn to a $4 mill+ deal would be a bad deal, I might not mind a one year deal for around $2 mill. He would be a pretty good fifth option and would give the rotation a much needed lefty. The biggest downside that I can think of would be that Tejeda and Davies would both be forced into the bullpen and wouldn't be given an opportunity to fulfill their potential as starting pitchers. This feeling has no substance, but in my mind it seems like a move the Royals might make.

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