Sunday, January 3, 2010

Top Prospects #34: Juan Graterol

#34 Juan Graterol
Age: 20
Pos: C
Bats/Throws: R/R
Signed: International Free Agent 9/6/05
Birthplace: Maracay, Venezuela

Juan Graterol is the third young Latin American catcher that has been featured in the top prospects list here at Royal Revival. However, he is an aberration in that he is a holdover from the Allard Baird era having signed in 2005. Graterol seemingly has above average plate discipline and contact skills at this point in his career, especially when you consider that a catcher's hitting skill are usually the last thing to develop. What I would like to see though is an improvement in his power game, however for the time being I'm happy with the high average at such a young age in full season ball. I don't know much about his defense but out of Graterol, Salvador Perez, and Jose Bonilla, he gets the edge given his deeper progression in the system. I expect him to get an assignment to the friendly confines of Frawley Stadium for the 2010 season.


  1. Graterol ahead of both Perez and Bonilla? Really?

  2. Typically scouts would probably go with the latter two ahead of Graterol. I however, only am able to read scouting reports and statistics. Because Graterol is very close in age to Perez and Bonilla and because has had a fine offensive season at a level that they have not been able to achieve it at, I decided to place Graterol ahead of the other two.

    But all three of them were very tough to rate and I do believe that most scouts would have Perez and Bonilla ahead of Graterol.

  3. Sorry man, Graterol sucks, and he's fat, and his catching days are probably over. He is a first baseman now. I just read that he only caught last year because he was pressed into it by an injury to Sean McCauley. McCauley, Perez, and Bonilla are all actual prospects. Graterol might be lucky to remain in the organization past this spring. Even if he does, he just doesn't have the stick to do anything at first base.