Monday, January 11, 2010

Top Prospects #32: Brandon Sisk

#32 Brandon Sisk

Age: 24
HT/WT: 6-3/210
Pos: LHP
Signed: Nondrafted Free Agent
College: Azusa Pacific
ETA: Late 2011

Sisk is another nondrafted free agent pitcher that the Royals have picked up that has posted great numbers through the high-A level. Since we always mention it with hitters Sisk was pitching in a very friendly environment at Frawley Stadium. However, this season Sisk averaged nearly 1.3 strikeouts an inning. This is very encouraging because strikeouts would be one of the statistics that you would expect be affected least by the stadium effects. There could be an issue with the batter's eye but other than this the stadium shouldn't have an affect on a pitcher's strikeout numbers. Sisk was one of several Royals that were invited to the prestigious Arizona Fall League and posted decent numbers there as well. (See bottom row of chart.)

Sisk should start the season in Northwest Arkansas and could fill the closer position. Sisk won't ever be a starter but he doesn't need to in order to find a successful major league career. If he can continue to post strikeout numbers close to what he did last season then he is going to have a long major league career and could be a cheap setup option for the Royals the next several seasons. Lord knows that they need some help in the bullpen right now.

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