Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rumor: Guillen for Pagan

For the second time in as many days it has been reported that the Mets and Royals have discussed a possible deal for Jose Guillen. The Royals would also send cash New York's way to cover the $12 million albatross that Guillen is owed in 2010. Oh hello Mets fans I didn't see you there, of course I didn't say albatross. Anyways, the Royals have inquired on twenty-eight year old outfielder Angel Pagan.

Adam Rubin of the New York Daily News is the reporter of this rumor and according to his translation of a Dominican Newspaper. There was a story about Guillen and the 2010 season with the Royals and in that story it states "Jose Guillen would approve a trade to the Mets. Guillen is aware the 2010 season will not be with the Kansas City." Pretty strong statement, and I think a lot of Royals fans would rejoice the day when this became a reality.

Don't get me wrong there is the possibility that Guillen will rebound from his injury filled 2009 season and hit the ball extremely well in his contract year. However, he is a clogger on the bases and has become a major liability in the outfield. If the Royals can manage to acquire a young outfielder and unload even part of Guillen's salary for 2010 it would be a great deal for the Royals.

As for Pagan he plays an average centerfield and an above average left. Pagan also hit the ball extremely well last season posting a slash line of .306/.350/.487 if this deal does happen and Pagan could manage to put up similar numbers next season he would probably be the Royals second or third best hitter. Currently the Royals have one starting outfielder for the 2010 season and his name is David DeJesus. Acquiring Pagan would help fill out that oufield picture or be the first piece to a brand new outfield in 2010 should the Royals decide to deal perhaps their strongest chip: David DeJesus.

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  2. I got you covered in my latest post.