Thursday, November 26, 2009

Minor League Free Agent Signings

Let's take a look at the minor league free agents for the Kansas City Royals signings so far:

Edwin Bellorin, C: Last season in triple A Colorado Springs Bellorin posted a triple slash line of .277/.308/.351 he also received 8 at bats with the big league club. Bellorin is nothing more then a triple A roster filler, he does show off some decent contact but I see nothing in his career numbers to suggest that he could be an everyday catcher and probably not even a back up. As of now the Omaha Royals will probably have Bellorin and Cody Clark to start the season and at some point Manuel Pina as long as he progresses as hoped.

Wilson Betemit, 3B: Former top prospect for the Atlanta Braves... cue groans... he has since not lived up to his potential in virtually every way and has become nothing more than a journeyman AAAA player. Betemit could probably fill in on the big league roster in a pinch due to his limited versatility and big league experience. But, if Betemit gets more than a short stint in Kansas City in the upcoming season then the Royals are going to have plenty worse problems to worry about. Betemit provides a little Major League depth but other then that he is nothing more than a triple A roster filler. I hope.

Buck Coats, OF: Buck Coats is another guy who has had a cup of coffee in the majors, however he will probably not be back to eat bagels and take advantage of the free high speed internet again. Instead, I see him as a guy who provides a little minor league depth in either Omaha or Springdale. Omaha this season should already have and outfield or Jordan Parraz, Tim Smith, David Lough, and Jarrod Dyson. So unless the Royals decide to start a couple of the aforementioned players in double A for a little more Texas League refinement then Coats probably won't receive much playing time in Omaha this season.

Reggie Taylor, OF: Out of all the players described in this post, Taylor is probably the least exciting and that is really saying something. I can't even find any sort of press release announcing this signing and only know of the because I was looking through the Royals October transaction log. Taylor spent all of last season in the Mexican League and put up less than impressive numbers. No power. No speed. No discipline. I would say his destination and roles for the upcoming season would be similar to Coats.

Jorge Campillo, RHP: This may be the most exciting minor league signing thus far for the Royals. Last season Campillo was limited to just 9.1 innings, but just the year before he was a solid piece of a major league rotation in Atlanta. In 2008, Campillo went 8-7 with a 3.91 era and a k:bb rate of 107:38. For his minor league career he has a 3.12 era and a k:bb rate of almost 3:1. Campillo is 31 years old, but I think he will be given an outside shot at a rotation spot in spring training and will probably find himself in the Omaha rotation to start the season. Because most all of the Royals pitching prospects are at NWA or lower Campillo could be the guy receiving the call if the Royals need a spot start.

Brad Thompson, RHP: While Thompson has posted less than stellar career major league numbers he has been a decent option for a bullpen. He has pitched in 385.2 innings and has a career era of 4.36. Thompson will be 28 on opening day so he should be entering his pitching prime and given the current situation of the Royals bullpen may be able to win a spot out of spring training. Personally, I have always been of the belief that the bullpen is the most unpredictable aspects of the team and is better filled with reliefs prospects, waiver pickups, and minor league free agents then overpaid veterans.

Bryan Bullington RHP: A former number 1 overall selection, Bullington hasn't even came close to becoming what Pirates scouts envisioned. Then again not a lot Pirate draft choices from the early 2000s became what the scouts envisioned. Bullington at least has tasted the major leagues and has put up decent minor league numbers, especially as a relief pitcher. The rumor is that the Royals will make him a reliever this season and this is going to be his best chance to help the major league club. Perhaps by focusing solely on coming out of the pen he regain some of that former top pick gusto.

Josh Rupe, RHP: Another potential reliever Rupe spent last season in the Rangers organization. Rupe doesn't seem to have a lot going for him, but maybe he can surprise me. He has the worst shot of any of these pitchers to help out the big league club in 2010. I am going to go out on a limb and say that he doesn't end 2010 in the Royals organization.

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