Friday, April 4, 2014

Lexington Legends Ballpark Preview

In the fourth and final full-season ballpark preview, Nicholas Ian Allen, formerly the Assistant General Manager of the Helena Brewers, offers insight, tips and tricks to make the most out of your experience when visiting a Minor League ballpark.

Ticket Information:

  • Diamond Club $24
  • Super Club $19
  • Club $15
  • Field Box $12
  • Box $10
  • Bleachers $6
  • Lawn $5
  • The Legends are hosting a Pitch, Hit and Run event at the ballpark 4/26, which gives kids an opportunity to show their skills in a competitive format. The best of the group will move to the next round and could be honored at the National Finals during the 2014 MLB All-Star Week.
  • Like the Blue Rocks, the Legends have a free kid’s club. The program could be the best in the system with free admission to all Sunday games as well as a monthly event for club members, in addition to a selection of free goodies.
  • The club hosts many different visitors throughout the season to give young fans a fresh and exciting visit to the ballpark. Several costumed characters will visit Lexington this summer including the popular ZOOperstars! on 3/31, Curious George 6/15 and the Fur Circus 8/8.
  • Fans in Lexington can double up on fireworks promotions, as the club offers them post game on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • The Legends offer $0.37 hot dogs on Tuesdays, which is a great promotion for fans, but a terrible one for food and beverage staff.
  • Some of the quirkier promotions in the Royals system can be found in Lexington, including Splash Day 7/11, Propane Night 8/11 and Create A Jersey Sat 8/9.
  • The club will end the season by inducting new members to the team’s Hall of Fame, as well as with a Jose Altuve (appropriate) mini-bobble head giveaway.

The Legends are one of the best looking teams in the Minor Leagues, and operate in Whitaker Bank Ballpark with a wide range of ticket options. With lawn seats the lowest in the system, you can enjoy a game in Lexington for just $5 per person. However, if you would like a premium experience, the Legends also offer the two most expensive single game ticket options among the affiliates with the $24 Diamond Club and $19 Super Club.

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