Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Second Day

I'll write on Bubba when I get a chance, but as Royals fans we have grown to love the next few rounds just as much as the first. This is because of the Royals tendency to nab top talent and lure it to KC with massive amounts of cash. So here are some names we should watch out for in day 2:

Name, School, Pos, BA PreDraft Rank, MLB Predraft Rank

Josh Bell, Texas HS, OF, 15, 23
Austin Hedges, California HS, C, 28, 31
Andrew Susac, Oregon State, C, 30, 35
Alex Dickerson, Indiana, OF, 37, 42
Peter O'Brien, Bethune Cookman, C, 103, 39
Jason Esposito, Vanderbilt, 3B, 77, 40
Derek Fisher, Pennsylvania HS, OF, 41, 66
Johnny Eirman, Missouri HS, SS/OF, 84

Daniel Norris, Tennessee HS, LHP, 16, 15
John Stilson, Texas A&M, RHP, 23
Dillon Howard, Arkansas HS, RHP, 31, 18
Matt Purke, TCU, LHP, 32, 27
Anthony Meo, Coastal Carolina, RHP, 55,26

Just some names for Royals fans to keep their eyes on. There are still quite a few guys left that would be great second round picks. I am especially intrigued by Daniel Norris, Austin Hedges and Josh Bell. If Purke falls a bit more I would also be thrilled if the Royals took a shot on him.

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