Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kane County Cougars Preview


  • Keaton Hayenga- I was hoping for a breakout performance from Hayenga a year ago, however I was left disappointed. Hayenga will never be a strikeout guy, but he still needs to improve on his K rate from a year ago to have any shot.

  • Matt Mitchell- Mitchell has been rated in the Royals top 30 before, but after missing all of 2009, he didn't return to 2008 form. Hopefully now that he is farther removed from injury he can knock some of the rust off in 2011.

  • Leondy Perez- After four seasons in rookie ball Perez will finally get an opportunity at full season baseball. His era was inflated a season ago and I'll be interested to see how his stuff translates to the pitcher friendly Midwest League.

  • Leonel Santiago- Santiago is the opening night starter for the Cougars. He is already twenty-one and has just 81 innings under his belt. It'll be important for him to pitch well to avoid falling behind the curve.

  • Crawford Simmons- I've heard that Crawford Simmons has a top notch changeup and in some ways he reminds me of John Lamb in that he was an overslot guy not drafted in the first few rounds. He's a lefty that dominated in his first professional season, but he can't afford a dip in velocity that some reported in Spring. Good guy to keep a close eye on this season.


  • Greg Billo- I've never jumped on the Greg Billo like others have.

  • Chase Boruff- This is the first time I have recall reading his name.

  • Chaz Bryne- Byrne was dominate last year in the Appy League, maybe he can be a good relief prospect.

  • Mitch Hodge- Fifth year in the system, still in Low A.

  • Jon Keck- Not impressed with his numbers after two stints in rookie ball.

  • Sugar Ray Marimon- Awesome name, decent stuff. Some people are hoping for a breakout this year.

  • Dusty Odenbach- Didn't impress in his first season in Low A, hopefully he can improve in his second go around.

  • Nick Wooley- Another less than impressive bullpen arm for the Low A club.


  • Ryan Jenkins- Jenkins had decent power at while catching at Auburn. Last season he put up decent offensive numbers, let's see what he does in full season ball.

  • Travis Jones- Once upon a time he won a high shool home run derby against Eric Hosmer, since then he has hit 5 homers in 89 professional games.


  • Fernando Cruz- Hasn't done much since being drafted in the sixth round of 2007 draft.

  • Yowill Espinal- Has a good set of tools, but this is his first opportunity in full season ball. I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do.

  • Angel Franco- Showed good contact and on base skills last year in Idaho Falls, but the Midwest League isn't as friendly to hitters.

  • Gerald Hall- Just a low level roster filler at this point.

  • Ryan Stovall- Already twenty-four and still in low A. Not a good sign.

  • Murray Watts- Big guy that has shown big power. Looks to become Clint Robinson part two for Kansas City. Could be a very telling year for Watts.


  • Geulin Beltre- Beltre received a six digit signing bonus for his tools as a teenager. He's in full season ball now so it's time he starts to display them on the field.

  • Brett Eibner- Most exciting guy on the entire roster. Could put it together and move extremely fast or he could spend the summer striking out 100+ times in the Midwest League. Here's to hoping it is the former.

  • Brian Fletcher- Fletcher had big time power at Auburn, clubbing 22 homers for the Tigers last season. His 49 career homers tied him for third in Auburn history with Frank Thomas. I'm intrigued by the power and want to see what he can do this season.

  • Alex Llanos- Another toolsy guy, that hasn't done much as a pro other than a thirty-one game stint in the Arizona League in 2009.

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