Sunday, March 20, 2011

Leadoff on Opening Day

In the last Royal Revival poll we asked Royals nation who they believed should leadoff on Opening Day 2011. Here are the results along with the players spring training triple slash thru March 19.
  • Mike Aviles (8%): .372/.408/.605 Aviles has had a great Spring thus far and if he plays in 2011 like he did in 2009 the Royals offense will receive a huge boost in production. Aviles's on base is too batting average dependent and he doesn't see enough pitches to be a prototypical leadoff guy, but he may be the best option the Royals have. Aviles started both of the first two Spring contests at leadoff for the Royals.

  • Melky Cabrerra (1%): .488/.511/.732 Cabrerra has had a very strong Spring and will likely be the Opening Day starter in centerfielder for the club. Cabrerra owns a career .328 on base percentage, but Yost likes his bat skills and plans to start him in the two spot.

  • Lorenzo Cain (56%): .281/.410/.375 Cain had a solid Spring, but didn't come anywhere close to knocking off Melky from centerfield. Cain was the clear cut fan's pick to leadoff on Opening Day, but it will more than likely be with the Storm Chasers instead of the Royals. Cain should get a leadoff opportunity for Kansas City by the end of the season.

  • Jarrod Dyson (18%): .423/.483/.423 Dyson was my personal pick to begin the season as the leadoff hitter. I am hard on Dyson and I believe his future lies as a fourth outfielder. But I would rather see him in center on Opening Day than Cabrerra. Dyson's strong spring coupled with Gregor Blanco's poor one could get Dyson a spot on the Opening Day roster.

  • Alcides Escobar (8%): .361/.400/.528 There may not be a player on the Royals roster that I am more excited to watch in the 2011 season. I have hope that Escobar's luck will balance itself out and that his line drive stroke can turn him into a productive middle infielder on the offensive side of things. Not to mention I'm dying to see what kind of heroism his glove can provde for the pitching staff.

  • Chris Getz (3%): .289/.372/.368 Getz struggled early in Spring but has since found his stroke. If Getz can just get on base and provide strong infield defense I will be thrilled. But the if is that he can get on base. Getz should start at second on Opening Day and along with Escobar the middle infield defense for the Royals should be a strength in 2011. Getz will just have to prove that he can hit enough to be a starter in the Bigs.

  • Other (1%): Were you rooting for Maier or Blanco?

Be sure to vote on the newest poll regardng your expectation for the 2011 Royals.

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