Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Normally Don't Do This..

I normally don't do this but I have a best friend that has recently been debating about whether or not to start a Kansas City Chiefs blog. I encouraged him and said that it is alot of fun and whether or not people care about your opinions, writing is an awesome way to develope and fine tune them. I am not a big Chiefs fan, but I assume that many of Royals fans are and thus many of my readers will find him interesting.

My friend is an extremely bright individual with a great sense of humor, good writing skills and a top notch ability to argue. I expect him to create a fantastic Chiefs blog and I wouldn't be surprised one bit if it became a go to site for Chiefs fans looking for a midweek fix. So without further adu I give you:

Now with good luck, that will be the last time I steer away from the Royals and baseball on this site.

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  1. Even I can tell you that the Chiefs are going to choke this thing away to the Chargers.