Thursday, October 28, 2010

Prospect Stock Watch: Second Base

The following is a review of the Royals second basemen that intrigue me enough to make a post about. I'm going to offer whether or not the player performed as well, better, or worse than what I personally expected. I'll also give a brief explanation on my thoughts.

Johnny Giavotella (Gain): Prior to the season I expected big things from Giavotella as he made the jump to double A. I pointed out that with park factors, and luck removed from his line his slash last season would have been .329/.410/.478. This line is eerily similar to the line he posted this season in Northwest Arkansas of .322/.395/.460. Giavotella has continued to roll after an incredible second half to post a hot start in the prospect rich Arizona Fall League. He probably should start the year in triple A, if not for any reason other than delaying his arbitration clock because I believe he is as major league ready as any other Royals hitting prospect.

Adam Frost (Steady): Frost was signed prior to 2010 as one of the top Independent League prospects. But even the most optimistic Royals prospect followers could only call him a fringe Willie Bloomquist type.

Fernando Cruz (Loss): I would say a sub .500 OPS is justification for a loss. He's only even mentioned here because of a .392 on base in 2009 and a 25+ steals.

Deivy Batista (Loss): After showing great pop in Idaho Falls as a shortstop in 2009, Batista's entire offensive game regressed in 2010. Throw in the fact that Batista had 24 errors at second and his future is very questionable.

Michael Liberto (Steady): After posting a .317 batting average with good plate discipline and little power the Royals drafted Liberto and can only hope that he manages to become the second coming of Ian Kinsler. Wouldn't that be nice.

Yowill Espinal (Loss): I was really hoping for a breakout year from Espinal, especially since he would be heading to the very hitter friendly Pioneer League. Unfortunately Espinal seemingly replicated his production from 2009 only with less power. He's still very young and an interesting prospect but 24 errors at second aren't very exciting either.

Luis Piterson (Steady): Piterson remains very young and has shown a promising knack for putting the bat on the ball and speed. I don't like him as much as Espinal, but I do like him more than Batista.


  1. Doesn't seem like there is a lot to get ecited about after Giavotella..

  2. I agree that Giavotella is probably right there with Hosmer and Moose as far as having a bat that is nearly major league ready. For the rest of these guys, it could be awhile before we have another second baseman who is ready for a shot in the bigs, unless of course someone like Colon isn't working out at shortstop

  3. True a lot of times though, second basemen in the majors are converted short stops. As would be the case with Colon.

  4. what former/current 2b would you compare Johnny to?

  5. Since he has been drafted many have somewhat wishfully compared Giavotella's potential to Dustin Pedroia. I'm not going to go that far, but I will remind you that when breaking into the league no one expected Pedroia to become an mvp caliber player. Giavotella's numbers are very impressive but Arvest Ballpark is much friendlier than the confines of the K.