Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Omaha Royals Preview

This will be the final of my four previews for the full season minor league teams. For each team I am going to give a brief prediction on each of the team's top five prospects and then pick a player to have a breakout season. Now for the Omaha Royals:

1) David Lough- I don't expect any sort of drop off for David Lough in 2010 and I expect him to either replace a traded outfielder at midseason or receive his first cup of coffee in September. Lough is very similar to DeJesus in that his greatest strength is the lack of a weakness.

2) Kila Ka'aihue- Kila seemed to be somewhat affected by his lack of an opportunity on the big league roster after his breakout 2008 performance. I expect him to rebound in 2009 after what really wasn't a bad season. Nonetheless I expect him to improve and hopefully earn a spot on the big league roster at some point in 2010. Please?

3) Jordan Parraz- The biggest thing for Parraz in 2010 is proving that he can stay healthy. If he can do that we should see him this season in Kansas City. I also expect that Parraz will begin to display in games the power that he exhibits in batting practice.

4) Carlos Rosa- I think Rosa will pitch much better this season than last and at some point find a spot on the big league roster.

5) Blake Wood- I expect Wood to flourish in a bullpen role this season, and the only thing that prevents him from reaching the majors before September is the fact that the Royals have more time to evaluate him than other potential bullpen candidates.

Breakout Pick: I expect Chris Hayes to dominate this season out of the Omaha bullpen, however I don't think he will see Kansas City this year. It is unfortunate because I think he could be a very effective pitcher in the big league pen. If he isn't protected this season I would wager that he is selected in the Rule V draft at the Winter Meetings.

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